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Charlotte, NC

Head Held High is all about looking up and forward to your next goal. We all have a path to take and we try to make it on a positive note. Head Held High by no means is a religious "movement." We think you should be able to believe in whatever you think is true in your heart. Our clothes will speak to the many who have been affected one way or another by the recent times and those who are out to hustle. We are here to be creative and have fun while doing it. That's what life is all about...


Head Held High is a creative outlet that started in 2009 out of Charlotte, NC.  The concept behind the name is just that - living with your Head Held High.  Being positive and staying motivated.  Never getting down on yourself and following your dreams.  The #STAYUP movement starts within yourself.  Just remember when the going gets tough, you can persevere and overcome what can't be done.

Yelawolf & DJ Paul - Black Fall (EP)


DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia teamed up with Slumerican's own Yelawolf for a collaboration mixtape called "Black Fall".  Paul had mentioned that the internet and "mixtape" movement now-a-days has made people greedy, getting music for free.  That would explain why there is only 5 tracks featured on this tape.  Despite that, Black Fall does not disappoint.  Yela is on point spitting over Paul's dark reminiscent Three 6 beats.  One track that stands out is "Bowties" where fellow Slumerican, Rittz jumps on and kills it!

Check it out here our download for free via 

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